Curse Words & Cupcakes

The two ways I manage to make it through life and law school.


What’s up with TV lawyers always getting all up close and personal with witnesses when they’re giving evidence? 

Since when is that a thing? Is that a thing in America? 

Like handing them evidence while they’re giving testimony? I need context - set scene please.

It can be. We’re a touchy feely bunch. Haha. JK.

Fun fact - I went to a federal murder trial and the government played a 5 minute song by the defendant aptly named “snitchin’ and tellin’”. In the song he talked about snitches getting killed in the street and getting an asswhooping for talking to cops. Let’s just say if drug dealing and murder don’t work out as a career choice, he doesn’t have a solid back up career as a rapper.

American lawyers do a lot of weird shit.



¿?¿?Or just do the smart thing and not put yourself in danger by going to parties?¿?¿?

WISDOM, ladies. Don’t go to parties. Don’t go out to social events. Don’t go out in public, there are strangers there who could be rapists. Don’t attend family gatherings or friends’ houses, sexual assault is most often from people we know and are close to. Close yourself off from the world. Don’t grocery shop. Don’t shop at all. Shop online and don’t answer the door for the fedex man. Live in a darkened room with the drapes closed. You don’t get to have fun, fun is for people who don’t have what rapists feel entitled to. Your body is the cost you pay for fun.

Women can have social lives. Don’t you dare, even for a second, suggest that the cure for our rape culture is by avoiding any situation where rape could occur, because let me fucking tell you, it can happen anywhere, anytime. It can happen in your home, it can happen in your neighborhood, it can happen in your car or in your mother’s car or in the mall. 

The fact that we need these kinds of precautions are already sick enough, don’t you victim shame. Make parties safer.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

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